Master of Science in Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering

Master of Science in Telecommunications and Electronic Engineering- TÉLÉCOM BRETAGNE – BREST

Proportion (%) taught in English: 25%(1st semester)

Duration : 2 years (3 semesters coursework + internship)

Admission requirements

This program is aimed at graduates with a Bachelor of Science or equivalent degree obtained after 4 years’ higher education in Electronics and/or Physics. A good background in Mathematics is a necessary prerequisite, as well as a sound knowledge of Electronics and Signal Processing.

English proficiency

Students must provide evidence of proficiency in the English language. This could include: having English as mother tongue, work/studies in an English-speaking country or acquisition of an English-language qualification (IBT: 79, PBT: 213, PBT: 550, IELTS: 5.5, TOEIC: 750, Cambridge: CAE).

French proficiency

It is possible to attend the program without any previous knowledge of French. During the first semester science courses are taught in English and French language classes are provided. However, having some basic knowledge in French before arrival is helpful.

Tuition fees

Non-EU: 10 000 € / EU: 3 000 € for the whole program (partial fee waivers for highest-ranked students)


The goal of this MSc program is to provide research skills focusing on the physical and processing aspects of communication technologies. It offers several options: Microelectronics, Optical Communications, Microwave Devices for Communication Systems, Signal and Image Processing, Signal and Circuit Design. This Master degree opens the way towards PhD studies in internationally recognized research laboratories.

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